SEO facilities (Search Engine Optimization)

Do you own a website that never appears in the search engines? Would you like a high search engine positioning? Well that is where web site optimization comes in. Having designed web sites for a number of years now, we have gained a good knowledge of web site positioning, search engine positioning and web site optimization.

Primarily we optimize all sites we design for good positioning on Google, as it is the single most important search engine, as it powers the majority of internet searches. How did you get to this site for example, was it through a search engine, and was it Google? As well as Google our sites also take into account optimization for MSN and optimization for Yahoo! And our Professional Optimization Service covers all of these search engines.

We design all of our new websites using ethical design methods and don't use any techniques that are considered unethical and consequently harm your chances of a good ranking.

How do you get a high ranking?

As well as having a well optimized and well designed website here are some of the current known facts that will assist you're website in obtaining better rankings:

  • The number of links to your website
  • The age of your website
  • Quality content & regular updates
  • The addition of new web pages
  • A well designed website
  • Links on web pages of Google Page Rank 4, or above
  • On page factors such as your Title & Meta tags

All of the above takes time and a good level of technical knowledge and as such can be an expensive outlay for you. With this in mind we have teamed up with a professional website optimization company to bring you an affordable professional website optimization solution.