Networking Support

Silver Eagle specialises in IT and Network Support and installing business computer networks across Bangladesh. Silver Eagle provides hardware, software, offsite backup for your businesses. SE helps your business   share its information and IT resources by managing your workstations,   computer networks and Internet and email requirements.

Do you want your investment in automated system to allow staff to work smarter? Frustrated by the   amount of time your business spends on troubleshooting computer problems   or developing your use of IT? That’s valuable time that you should be   dedicating to your customers. Then let Silver Eagle be your IT   business partner.

We offer   

  • Computer Networks
  • Workstations and Servers

  • Support Contracts

  • Remote Access and Virtual Private Networks

  • Specialists in Internet and Security

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Offsite Backup

  • Wireless Internet Hotspots

  • Hardware and Software